IFE-Mali was founded in 2012 after Mali suffered both political crisis and severe food insecurity. Our founder, Adama Kouyate, noticed many cases of malnourished kids in the village of Karan, where populations dropped agriculture, following the end of government support programs, to focus on small scale gold mining in the area. This transition resulted in horrible consequences on both social and economic state of the village, especially for young girls and their schooling. IFE-Mali has since been working in rural Malian villages to fight childhood hunger and malnutrition. We also promote children's education and rights. Via our close collaboration with community members, we also develop advocacy strategies to ensure that objectives are being met. 

Our Mission

IFE-Mali mission is to improve the quality of life of people, especially children and women, by fighting hunger and poverty. We also promote children education and rights via innovative, simple and community-led initiatives. 

Proper food and good education environment are vital for children to succeed anywhere. Our work is to inspire communities to work with their leaders to ensure good food and education are available and easily accessible for children.”
— Adama Kouyate, Founder and CEO, IFE-Mali