our Charity evening with Safi Diabaté


We are very grateful to the musician Safi Diabaté for her generosity. Safi is one of the few artists in Mali who have combined their art and philanthropy. Her donations have helped us to support many students in getting back to school and in building the capacity of community leaders in #Karan.

Together, let's say thanks to Safi!
(c) S. Coulibaly 2018

Our IFE Mali’s education project training in Karan (Their Lives Matter/ Sini).

(c) Ife-Mali 2018

(c) Ife-Mali 2018

As part of the implementation of our education project for disadvantaged children called “TheirLivesMatter” or "Sini", a team composed of coordinators of IFE Mali trained the members of the brand new Advocacy Committee for Education (ACE) of Karan village, located in Kangaba district, on November 3rd. The training focused on civic engagement; leadership and advocacy; and the implementation process of development activities. 

The role of this committee, essentially composed of different social strata including local elected officials, teachers, youth and traditional leaders, is to promote education in the community, while fighting against child labor in artisanal gold mines. The committee will also play the role of supervisor for all students who are beneficiaries of the "Sini" project and will ensure that IFE Mali beneficiaries and other students in the village evolve in an environment conducive to success at school. 

The ACE will implement three major awareness activities this year, including radio shows about importance of education and consequences of child labor and public debates in the community to discuss causes of child labor and how to stop it and will also organize reading contest among students in the village to promote learning and education.

(c) Ife-Mali 2018

(c) Ife-Mali 2018