IFE Mali Launches Children Identification Survey in Gold Mines

Right after launching its education projet "Their Lives Matters" aiming to enroll dozens of school kids back to school, IFE Mali volunteers  launched, on November 1, a survey in various artisanal gold mines in southern Mali. Six volunteers surveyors have been trained by IFE Mali staff and were sent to the gold mines in order to actively search for children under 15 who abandoned class to work in the artisanal mines. The survey is expected to last a whole week. 

Volunteers were hosted in Karan village by the mayor. Findings of the survey will be used to improve the project during its implementation. It will help help us identify our target beneficiaries and also discuss with their parents regarding plans and how they can help provide a better future for these kids.

In the long term, IFE Mali plans to work with local authorities to develop sanctions against those parents who encourage their kids to abandon school for no valid reasons. 

Please join us today sending a message/ mail to: info@ml-ife.org . 


IFE Mali Launches "Their Lives Matter" Education Project

On October 28, IFE Mali volunteers launched their education project called "Their Lives Matter" or "Sini" (Tomorrow" in Bambara local language. This project aims to re-enroll at school children and teenagers who dropped out school to work in artisanal gold mines in southern Mali. Estimates shows that thousands of students, boys and girls, abandoned class to help their parents working in the gold mines due to poverty and especially climate change which is negatively affecting agriculture, considered for long time as the main income generating activity for many households in Mali. 

With this project, IFE Mali intend to partner with local authorities in target communities, to enroll dozen of children at school; provide them with scholarships and also food while studying. We also intend to include technology teaching in the study curriculum in villages where we work. We hope that this will encourage more students to remain at school considering the influence of evolving mobile technology on the life of these kids. 

Their Lives Project will be implemented from November 2017 to June 2019, with a budget of $50,000. Less than 2% of the total budget for this project has been raised so far, mainly contributions from volunteers in Mali. We are committed to working with our partners in the United States, Africa and Europe to raise more funds in order to fully implement in this important project for Mali and Malians and the humanity.